2013 Beauty Resolution

Every New Year comes with new resolution and new spirits. If you are setting a resolution for year 2013 than don’t forget, those can be the beauty mistakes that you don’t want to repeat or a new tricks that you want to follow. It’s time to break bad beauty habits. Today I will share my New Year’s  beauty resolutions. It will help you clean up your act and feel great in 2013.


Cleanup your makeup tools:

 It is important to wash your brushes every two weeks or so. Anything that is moist (let’s say a lip brush) should be washed a little more regularly. Use a gentle shampoo (baby shampoo is good) with a glug of Dettol for your first wash, in warm water.  To read full article on Cleanup your makeup tools Click here.



Wear sunscreen every day:

Our facial skin is thinner and more prone to exposure, making it crucial that this area should be covered with sunscreen every day. Sunscreen absorbs and reflects some of the radiation from the sun’s UV rays. If you don’t already do it, make regular checks of your sunscreen habit in 2013. Remember sunscreen is very important even in winter and especially for outdoor winter sports.  If your skin is sensitive so you can use natural alternatives to commercial sunscreen, for natural sunscreen click here.


Stop Sleeping with Your Makeup On:

If you’re acne prone, this is the worst thing you can do to your skin. Leaving makeup on overnight clogs your pores and traps in dirt from the day. Nighttime is your skin’s time to repair itself. It’s essential to wash away the dirt and potential pimple-causing bacteria that your skin has collected during the day. Your skin’s recovery in 2013 depends on being clean.


Regular Cleansing before going to bed:

Clean your skin thoroughly. Remove all makeup, and wash and moisturize your skin before going to bed every night. The cleanser or soap for winter skin care should be oil-based or as gentle as possible, so it works with your moisturizer.



Throw out all of expired makeup:

You’d be surprised how many people keep makeup much longer than they should.  Makeup does have a shelf life and it will go bad! Expired makeup products often dry out and don’t do the job as well as unexpired makeup. Worst of all, expired makeup can cause skin irritation and even infections.


Sleep on a satin pillowcase:

When you sleep on a cotton pillowcase, the tossing and turning causes friction between your head and pillow. This can result in hair breakage. Using a silk/satin scarf or satin pillowcase will greatly reduce that friction and maintain moisture in your hair.

Have  a beautiful new year.


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