3 Fruit Inspired Nails in 3 Easy Steps

Today i am going to share with you three very easy nail tutorials. These three fruit inspired nails in three easy steps are fun thing to adopt in this summer. These looks are ideal for injecting some colorful fruity fun into your look, and they can all be achieved in three simple steps! So whether you are a novice at nail art, or a ‘talented’ manicurist, you can definitely give these a try!




Watermelon Nails
1.Paint your nails a peach or red shade then dot on a few uneven dots making sure to only go half way up each nail. For the dots, the end of a hair grip/bobby pin works great or use a nail art pen/dotting tool.

2.Next roughly paint the tips of the nails white. To do this just use the side of the nail polish brush.

3.To finish paint over the white nail polish with a green nail polish leaving a little of the white showing, again this doesn’t need to be neat. Add a top coat and you are done!






Apple Nails
1.Start you want to paint your nails a nude shade/or you can even keep the nails bare. To create the apple shape you want to carefully place your nail polish brush sideways on one side of the nail and brush is a curve motion and the repeat this on the other side of the nail so that they join. If you are unsure try practicing on a piece of paper first.

2.To add reflection onto the apple you want to place a little white nail polish on one side of the apple. To do this simple place two little dots next to each other and join them together.

3.For the leaf dip a small angled brush into some green nail polish and dab onto the nail or you can even use the side of a hair grip.






Kiwi Nails
1.First apply two coats of green nail polish to the nails. Here two different shades of green nail polish were used to create more depth.

2.Next add a few drops of white nail polish into the center of each nail and spread out a little with the brush of the nail polish. You then want to drag the nail polish out slightly with the end of a hair grip or something with a point – there is no need to be neat with this.

3.To finish add little dots to look like the seeds around the outside of the white center.


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