5 Super Easy DIY Beauty Products

Try out the natural, real deal, and watch how you shine! Here are 5 great DIY beauty products to try!

 DIY Beauty Products:

1. Face: This mask works for all skin types (oily, dry, normal).  Take 1 tablespoon of greek yogurt (plain) and mix it with one teaspoon of honey. Mix, apply to face. Let it sit for 15 minutes, then gently rinse.

2. Body: My favorite (and pricey!) body wash is a moisturizing exfoliant.  I’ve found I can get the same soft skin by making my own body wash – Take a small container, pour in sugar (or salt) about 1/2 way, then pour in olive oil or grape seed oil until it just covers the sugar/salt. Mix.  Take in to the shower, spread it on your body, gently rub, then rinse.  Also great as a homemade gift!


3. Hair: For soft, luxurious lock, condition your hair with coconut oil – let it sit for a few minute then rise it clear.  I also have a friend who recommends eating it daily as a fat replacement for olive oil or any other healthy fat.  He claims it keeps his skin young!

4. Lips: Ever get scratchy dry lips, especially in the winter seasons?  Just as bad – peeling and sunburned lips! I had a swim coach who taught me that the best way to exfoliate your lips is to pat them dry, then take an ice cube and dab it along your lips.  As long as your lips are dry, the ice is “dry,” and you “dab,” – you’ll remove those bits of unwanted skin (you know the ones – they look kind of like scales!)


5. Eyes: DIY “cucumber pads” – take the juice of a cucumber, soak the pads in the juice until it’s all soaked through, and freeze them flat in one layer in ziplock bags. My favorite explanation for “why pads instead of straight cucumber slices” and for a walk through recipe check out Noobcook.


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