Beauty Tips For Small Eyes

If you have small eyes, here are some beauty tips For Small Eyes, you can use to make them seem bigger. This article will help you to trick people into believing that your small eyes are actually much wider and brighter than they really are. You are going to need two main elements that you can work with when it comes to making up your eyes: the lids and the lashes, and, of course, there are three main cosmetic tools: mascara, eye-liner and eye shadow.

Longer eye lashes will make eyes look bigger, so choose a lash-lengthener mascara and use it on both upper and lower lashes,



Eye liner
Outlining the eyes with a dark eyeliner will enhance the effect of the mascara. You can try making a line of tiny dots close to the roots of the eyelashes and then using your finger, a fine brush or a cotton bud to blend them into a line, Draw this out towards the outer corner of the eye and bring the upper and lower lines together just beyond their natural joining point to make the eye seem larger.




Eye shadow
A shadow color in mauve gray with a tiny bit of shine, when applied to a small eye under and over, is barely visible but still causes a shadow curve extension all around the eye making it appear bigger. Finally, drawing a line inside the lashes, using a kohl eye pencil will make the eye look even wider.




Careful plucking of the eyebrows from underneath can add expression and make the lid area larger, as will using an eyelash curler.





White eyeliner
Use your white eyeliner on the inner rims of your eyes. Use Liquid highlighters are a most amazing secret special weapon for your eye. It makes a great effort by   enhance your cheekbones as well as the inner corner of the eyes


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