DIY Ballerina Bun

DIY Ballerina Bun:

Ballerina buns are a stylish, chic and classic up do. They come in various shapes and sizes from sleek donuts to messy knotted styles.
Perfect for destination or summer when you want to have your hair off your neck and shoulders or if you want to show off the detailing at the back of your gorgeous dress. Once upon a time it seemed that big ballerina buns were only for those lucky few blessed with super thick, lustrous hair but now, us thin haired gals can get in on the act too…
There are a variety of styling techniques that can help pump up the volume of a basic bun such as backcombing, pulling, wrapping or even knotting hair. Use clip in extensions or a genius little contraption known as the donut ring.

Ballerina buns take little practice to perfect and are a great way to elegantly put your hair up.

1.First, flip your hair over and gather it into a high ponytail, securing with an elastic or ponytail holder.

2.Using a smoothing brush, lightly tease your hair. Teasing will help the bun look more voluminous.

3.Next, twist your hair and wrap it around the base to create your bun shape.

4.Insert bobby pins along the base of the bun, securing it to your head. Shake your head from side to side to make sure the bun is secure.

5.Finish by spraying all over with a firm holding hairspray and smooth down flyaways.

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