Get a Dewy Glow With Honey

We have already discussed many masks and recipes of for clear and radiant skin. Honey and  Aloe vera are the best ingredients to have in any skin care product. Since these all-natural ingredient are so commonly used, it’s pretty easy to find in drugstore skin products. But now you don’t need to visit any drug store to get a beauty product having  these two ingredients, because today i am going to share you a home made recipe to Get a Dewy Glow With Honey.

You’ll need: 1 tsp raw honey plus 1 tsp aloe vera juice

Instructions: Combine raw honey and aloe; stir until completely blended. Use a clean, large makeup brush to paint on the mixture (it’s sticky!), wait 15 minutes and rinse.

The benefits: Raw honey grabs onto water, creating a watertight film that locks in moisture, so skin looks healthy and youthful. It also fights breakouts. Aloe is a proven healer that contains nearly 75 healthy-skin nutrients, allowing it to treat cuts, sunburn and even zits.

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