Get your Nails Healthy and Beautiful



Pink and healthy nails are not only good looking, but also a sign of health overall. They’re made up of protein, hence, when your nails look dry and brittle, it’s a reflection of deficiencies.

Trim & Shape:
Trim your nails and shape them often. When filing, remember to do so in one direction to prevent cracks. Push cuticles back, but don’t clip them away because they help prevent bacteria and infections.

Keep them moisturized either by applying lotion, castor oil, or by rubbing petroleum jelly on them before you go to bed. Keep your hands creamed up when you’re doing chores and washing the dishes. Or better yet, invest in a 5SR pair of gloves and wear them when you’re being the housewife.

Choose your Nail polish wisely:

If you want to apply a nail polish than try finding ones that are non-acetone  – they are terribly drying for your nails. Find ones that have acetate in them and moisturizing qualities.


Eat healthy:
For strong nails, include milk and some egg into your diet, preferably a hard boiled egg (although I’m not too big a fan of hard boiled eggs). They’re rich in zinc, and are excellent for your nails, especially if you spot some white marks on them.

Short is Pretty Too:
While long nails are nice, very few of us have nails strong enough to grow very long (which is a crying shame). But we think short is just as beautiful and attempting to grow weaker nails can cause splits & damage. Keeping them trimmed to match the top of your finger is the optimal length.

Stronger When Dry:
Your nails become much weaker when they are wet (so don’t trim or file them unless they are dry). Also, be sure to dry your nails completely after having them submerged in water (from dishes, the bathtub, etc.) And always wash your nails with fresh water after getting out of a chlorine filled swimming pool or Jacuzzi before drying.

Dry your hands:
Dry your hands for at least two minutes after doing the dishes, taking a bath/shower, etc. Also dry your toes thoroughly after swimming or showering. Leaving them damp increases your risk of fungal infection.

Massage your nails:

Massage your nails to keep them extra strong and shiny. Nails buffing increases blood supply to the nail, which stimulates the matrix of the nail to grow.

Polish removers:
Avoid polish removers with acetone or formaldehyde. They’re terribly drying to nails, use acetate-based removers instead.

Quit Biting Your Nails:
Looking to crack your nervous nail-biting habit? Readers offer their best tips to help kick this bad habit once and for all!



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