How to Choose the Right Makeup Brushes

How to choose the right brushes? if this is your question than following is the answer of your question:

Whether you choose to buy your brushes from a drugstore or a department store, spend some time testing them out:

1 – Make sure the bristles are firmly implanted into the handle. Cheap brushes will lose a lot of hair because the bristles are often glued into the base – eventually, they come loose and fall out. Good brushes have bristles that are folded into the handle, glued and pinched into the base. Sure, some hairs are bound to come loose but in general, they will not shed too much. If you maintain brushes properly, you may never have to buy another brush ever again.



2 – Hold the brush and see how it feels in your hand. Some people prefer long handles while others like the shorter ones. If you plan on carrying your brushes with you when you leave the house, you should opt for short handles. They’re more likely to fit in your purse or makeup bag.


3 – Feel the texture of the brush. Do you like how the bristles feel against your skin? How dense or loose is the brush? If you’ve got blemished skin, you might want a denser face brush for more coverage. If you like your eye makeup to look more subtle, make sure your brush is on the looser side.



*Note: Loose bristles on an eyeshadow brush can sprinkle eye shadow where you don’t want it. A loose all-over lid brush is best used with neutral colors.

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