How To Choose The Right Makeup

We all want smooth, glowing, flawless skin. To get the glowing flawless skin, you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle and there are beauty products and ways to get a better skin. Having good skin is easy, but making it flawless needs great care. This article will answer your question “How To Choose The Right Makeup”. Finding ideal makeup colors to match your complexion and skin tone allows you to conceal blemishes and smooth the overall appearance of your skin with ease.

1. Exfoliate
We have discuss it before in one of our post about the importance of exfoliation. It is incredibly important to slough off dry flakes and old skin cells which can only be possible if you exfoliate oftenly. In addition to tarnishing your glow, they can also clog your pores, leading to breakouts and more oil production.Exfoliating cream scrub defines the skin and preps your pores for moisturizer and other products.

2) Reduce the Look of Pores with a Primer
Philosophy makes a great tinted primer that will help fade your pores, and offers SPF 15, which eliminates another step in your routine. While it may not seem as important on cloudy days or in the fall or winter, wearing face products with sunscreen is essential. The sun’s rays reach the earth (and your face) regardless of how strong it feels or how overcast it is outside. Get in the habit of wearing sunscreen daily, and you’re guaranteed to covet the lack of fine lines on your face later on.

3) Consider a Full-Face Foundation Alternative
Sometimes completely covering your face in foundation isn’t always necessary. (Think of those really warm summer days, or a low-key shopping trip.) Another one of Philosophy’s great products, its tinted moisturizer, is a great alternative to foundation. Tinted moisturizer is effective enough to provide coverage, but is not heavy like some foundation formulas. This formula offers SPF 20 and offers a sheer tint of color, which may be all you need on some days.

4) Concealer
Before applying any foundation, apply a yellow-based concealer first. A yellow base provides coverage for dark circles, so you look well-rested.

5) You Should Shine, Not Your Skin
While you want your makeup to give you the aura of a natural glow, you don’t want to come out in the pictures looking like you just finished off a jalapeno pepper and blind everyone with a shiny forehead. So Smashbox created a little anti-shine compact, handy and small enough to fit into your evening clutch.

6) The Right Foundation Color
If you think you still need foundation in trouble spots, apply it after your moisturizer and concealer. This way, you use less and can avoid the dreaded “mask face” that many of the girls in your high school probably suffered from. The best place to test a shade is along the jawline. It makes much more sense; that way, you know you are avoiding the “masked” look from the beginning! While you may need a slightly deeper color for summer than for winter, the color of your foundation should come as close to completely matching your skin tone as possible. Remember that the idea of makeup is merely to enhance, and the goal is to look like you are not wearing at all.

7) Use the Proper Tools for a Flawless Application
A stippling brush is a great tool for applying tinted moisturizer, foundation, sunscreen, or any of your full-coverage products. The closely placed bristles of this brush help to evenly layer wet or dry product onto the face.

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