MAC Archies Girl’s Makeup Collection Spring 2013


M.A.C Cosmetics is getting ready to launch their upcoming makeup line featuring the Archie Comics. M.A.C ‘Archie’s Girls’ is set to make its debut this spring. Archie’s Girls gives M.A.C fans a chance to decide if they are a Betty or a Veronica. Each girl has her own color collection composed of lipsticks, lip glosses, eye shadows, pigments, pencils mascaras, powders and nail lacquers.

Archie’s Girls will be a full cosmetics line that includes lipsticks, mascara, palettes, shimmer and more. The line will not only feature makeup but accessories including a coin purse and mirror as well. Betty features lighter colors such as pink and baby blue while Veronica colors include darker shades such as purple and red.
I find the colors chosen for each character are quite representative or their respective personalities. While Betty has the girl next door style, Veronica’s is more “vampish”. Betty’s lean towards soft and neutral shades. Veronica, well like her, they are more noticeable, more dramatic.

M.A.C has previously launched other comics inspired cosmetics lines including Wonder Woman. M.A.C has also launched fun makeup collections inspired by Disney as well as the Muppets. They are also well known for the Viva Glam campaign that has featured celebrities including Cyndi Lauper, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj as well as Ricky Martin to raise funds for AIDS.

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